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As with most CROs we offer the services you can see under services, but what really puts Paliser Research apart is that we understand that the Pharma industry is under pressure from the increasing costs and time required to bring therapeutics to market. Traditional methods of conducting clinical trials may not be sustainable as high rates of failure exceed revenues from new drugs. PALISER Solution: Clinical trials will benefit from genetic stratification, epigenetic optimization/ standardization, functional, and regulatory insights. Patient outcomes will be dramatically improved, with augmented safety and efficacy achieved via epigenetically optimized genetic expression. The digital platform will facilitate genetically and epigenetically informed “in-silico” virtual clinical trials, leading to dramatic decreases in costs and significantly improved success rates. Paliser will incorporate functional genomic assays, functional pharmacogenomic assays, and functional medical biomarkers, to complete a genomic assay report by individual. Such analyses will enable you to recruit subjects into its clinical trial who are best suited to achieve both safety and efficacy results desired from a randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial. This will provide study sponsors with a significant AI tool that is a functional medicine-based, macro genomic technological advantage. This will improve patient recruitment and, most importantly, improve the outcomes of our clinical trials.

  • Genetic Stratification
  • Epigenetic Optimization/ Standardization
  • Physiologic, Functional, and Regulatory insights.

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