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Project Management

With our focus on small and mid-size biopharma companies, project management takes on a prominent role in clinical operations. In addition to providing project oversight and governance, and bringing best-practice methodologies to trial conduct, our team takes a proactive approach to help you meet your objectives expeditiously. While our role largely entails project orchestration, keeping activities on track and ensuring accountability, we serve another essential function: anticipating potential challenges and risks and working in partnership with you to mitigate and provide solutions. We believe projects are most successful when the customer and Paliser create a single, integrated project team. This allows the development of interdependent working relationships with a mutual sense of ownership and shared vision and respect. Working with Paliser, you’ll find a responsive and nimble team that gets things done without layers of bureaucracy in the way. Your project benefits from a dedicated project manager, your single point of contact, supported by a project director, who will work with you from start to finish. Robust escalation pathways are in place for problem-solving when necessary. For study management, our team works with a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) which delivers real-time visibility and oversight, accelerates, and streamlines study execution, and improves collaboration and efficiency between study partners. Click Clinical operations. Paliser Research is focused on helping small and mid-size biotech sponsors navigate the clinical trial process from strategy to approval, aiming to bring your breakthrough ideas to patients awaiting them. With more than 30 years of worldwide experience in trial design and execution, complex therapeutic areas, and challenging indications, we are ready to join you as a valuable partner and trusted extension of your team’s capabilities. Building relationships with your partners – physicians, investigators, hospital personnel – is fundamental to the effective conduct of your clinical trials. This is the primary responsibility of the clinical research associate (CRA), who works on the front lines of your study as protocol and project manager. Highly experienced personnel are essential for this role, as they are responsible for key elements of clinical operations. This encompasses regulatory approval, starting the trial, site selection, training on study protocol, and supporting and overseeing site performance and safety throughout the project. The CRA oversees patient recruitment, compliance with patient profile and protocol, and quality-driven assessment to ensure that the expectations of both the sponsor and regulators are met. PALISER CRAs work side by side with your team, lending deep knowledge gained through extensive collaboration with small and mid-sized biotech companies on countless projects. Our CRA team comprises the A-team: physicians and PhD scientists in EU, North America, with an additional hub covering the Indian sub-continent. Our global footprint enables us to support you through later phases, and to observe regional differences, detect trends across multiple sites, and take proactive steps to mitigate potential risks in data quality. Each trial benefits from a CRA with experience in the relevant therapeutic area. The CRA understands the practicalities of executing the study in the clinic as well as the challenges of the project team and sponsor – a perspective that supports pragmatic protocol design. Our flexible, adaptable approach is especially important for small and mid-size biotechs that occasionally encounter business adjustments or changing priorities during the course of the study.